• Phone Support: Feel free to call The Computer Doctor staff with any system related issues. We will attempt to solve your problem over the phone in order to reduce your downtime .

  • After Hours Support: No additional charge for after-hours calls for on-site service.

  • Spyware Removal: Spyware is increasingly becoming a problem in business. The programs to remove spyware are changing constantly in an effort to keep up with spyware changes, but they are not succeeding. The Computer Doctor will run the most effective spyware removal program each month on every computer in your office. We will also manually identify malicious programs the spyware removal missed and remove them. There is no need for the customer to purchase spyware utilities, or spend time trying to remove spyware.

  • Registry Maintained: The registry on each computer will be scanned monthly and repaired.

  • Antivirus Maintained: Antivirus updates and scans will be monitored on a monthly basis. Any patches needed will be applied. This should prevent customer downtime due to inadequate scans and updates.

  • Disk Utilities: Hard disks will be checked monthly to fix corrupt files and directories. Performance utilities will be run to keep your drive in good working order.

  • Break/Fix Hours: In the event that the customer still needs on-site service, The Computer Doctor will provide ½ hour per computer on maintenance at no additional cost.

  • Discounts for Projects: Extra service time for projects or other problems that may arise will be provided at the discounted rate of $75 per hour.

  • Symantec Antivirus Software: There is no need for the customer to purchase antivirus software. The Computer Doctor will provide Symantec Antivirus for all computers on maintenance.

Pricing: $50 per computer per month with a one year contract.